Types of Accidents to Investigate

The following is a guideline for the type of accidents to investigate, and who should conduct the investigation.


1. An accident/mishap resulting in personal injury or death to any party.
2. Any accident/mishap which may involve the violation of a company policy, procedure, or regulation.
3. Any accident or mishap involving the care or handling of a patient.
4. Any accident or mishap which involves a vehicle not owned by the company, and has the potential for a high claim. High claims can result from any injury.

Note Taking:
In anyone investigation, the investigator becomes aware of hundreds of unrelated facts. It is obvious that he cannot re-sort to memory alone to retain these points in subsequent reporting. Extensive notes are a must in all investigative activities. Each investigator must develop his own particular methods suited-to his needs and working procedures. For this reason it is not possible, nor would it be desirable, to outline a standard procedure for taking notes during an investigation. There are certain basic underlying principles which should be common to all note-taking procedures and these are:

a. Record complete notes as the investigation progresses.

b. Review and consolidate the day’s notes after the completion of the working day.

c. Make notes when the fact or item is developed.

d. Put page numbers on each sheet. e. Write in enough detail so that you will understand it later.

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