Suggested Guidelines for Preventative Auto Maintenance Check List

Date: _____ Mechanic:__________ Location: __________
unit no: _____ current miles: __________mileage interval:

Oil and Lubricants:
Change Oil and Oil Filters
Lubricate the Following:
All Chassis Fittings
King Pins
Universal Joints
Inspect the Following:
Front and Rear Suspension
Check the Following:
Brake Fluid Level
Power Steering Fluid Level
Transmission Fluid Level
Differential Fluid Level
Replace the Following:
Engine Air Cleaner
Fuel Filter
PVC Filter
Differential Fluid
Re-Pack Wheel Bearings

Change the Following:
Transmission Fluid
Transmission Filter
Inspect the Following:
Leaking Around the Pan
Down Shifting
Metal in The Fluid

Diesel Engines:
Change Oil Filter and Oil
Add Fuel Treatment
Check Water Separator

Electrical System:
Check The Following:
Battery Water Level per Cell
Battery Gravity Level per Cell
Dual Battery Switching System
Battery Isolator System
Distributor Cap and Rotor
Spark Plug Wiring System
Battery and Starter Voltage Draw
Alternator Out-Put
Replace the Following:
Battery and Starter Cables
Spark Plugs
Clean All Battery Terminals

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