Suggested Guidelines for Personnel Disciplinary Policy – part two

This is part two of our Suggested Guidelines for Personnel Disciplinary Policy. This part focuses on the guidelines for the employees response to their disciplinary action.


A. Employees will be given the opportunity to comment on all “Disciplinary Actions”.

B. Employees will sign all “Reports and Forms” relating to the “Disciplinary Action” to acknowledge that the incident was discussed with the employee, and does not mean the employee agrees or disagrees with the action.

C. When an employee refuses to sign the “Disciplinary Action”, it shall be so noted on the “Disciplinary Action Form” in the presence of a witness that the incident was discussed with the employee and a copy was given to the employee at time and date.

D. Employees can meet with the Personnel Manager regarding any “Disciplinary Action”. Employees can file a grievance with the “Operations Manager” on any “Disciplinary Action” using company “Grievance Procedures”.

F. The Safety Manager is responsible for investigating all “Incidents” and “Vehicle Accidents” to evaluate the cause and who was at fault, and recommending appropriate “Disciplinary Action”.


A. The following guidelines have been established for “Disciplinary Action” and may vary from the chart at the discretion of management, depending on the circumstances of the incident or accident.

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