Suggested Guidelines for Operator – Driver Trainer

Clearly, your driver guidelines need to be non-discriminatory except when it comes to driving risk factors, (licensed, years driving experience, tickets, accidents, etc.). Below are some basic guidelines to help in your risk management program.

1. One year experience as a full time commercial vehicle operator/driver.

2. Must have maintained a Safe Driving Record with no Citations or Chargeable Accidents over the past 5 years.

3. Shall be approved by the Safety Manager, Operations Manager, General Manager
and the President of the Company.

4. Must fit the image of the Company, i.e. attitudes towards the company, company orientated, excellent mental attitudes, uniform appearance and professional demeanor.

5. Be able to read, write, print and spell, unless an ADA accommodation has been made.

6. Must have a complete understanding of all company policies and procedures.

7. Must fully understand the mission and the goals of the company.

8. Shall pass an oral board and field demonstration of driving skills and, and have the ability to train others.

9. Shall have leadership qualities and the ability to take charge.

10. Must be responsible.

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