Suggested Guidelines for Developing Safe Vehicle Operators – part two

This is part two of our suggested guidelines for developing safe vehicle operators. This section will focus on the driver training, hands on training, final tests, that eventually lead to a manager’s approval of the safety worthiness of the employee.

V. Basic Operator/Driver Training

A. Driver Training
1. Minimum 16 hours.
2. All aspects of vehicle operation.
3. Understanding the LAW OF DUE REGARD.
4. Repair and maintenance request procedures.
5. Operator awareness training.
6. Map reading and the use of company furnished locating systems.
7. Understands that every trip is a potential “Million Dollar Law Suit”.
8. Administer a written test on training instruction.

B. Field and Hands On Training:
1. Vehicle daily check out.
2. Operator seating position in the unit.
3. Mirror adjustment.
4. Use of the vehicle communications system.
5. Use of the vehicle locating system, if applicable.
6. Use of the on-board computer system, if applicable.
7. Minimum of 100 miles of driving.
8. Demonstration and the practice of the 3 to 4 second rule when following other
9. Demonstrate company backing procedures using a spotter.
10. Demonstrate collision avoidance procedures.
11. Cleared by the Billing Department on the correct procedures and information required
for billing.

C. Final Test On the Following Subjects:
1. Company policies and procedures.
2. Map reading.
3. Radio code.
4. Vehicle daily check out.
5. Maintenance reporting.
6. Incident reporting.
7. Accident reporting.
8. On-the-job injury reporting.
9. Controlled Intersections Policy.
10. Company Speed Policy.
11. The law of Due Regard.
12. The 3 to 4 second rule for following other vehicles.
13. Company Backing Policy.
14. Company Personnel Disciplinary Policy for at-fault accidents and damage to company equipment.
15. Employee reimbursing the company for at-fault damage to company equipment and vehicles.

V. Final Approval from the Safety Manager and the Operator/Driver Trainer to Operate Company-Owned Equipment.

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