Suggested Guidelines for Developing Safe Vehicle Operators

Developing safe vehicle operators is a “given” but there is rarely much a plan that is in place to help achieve this goal. Part of this process is the hiring policies and the orientation and probationary period to help ensure success for safety.

I. Hiring Policies:

A. Require a pre-employment profile test.
B. Have the applicant furnish a current certified copy of their Motor Vehicle Driving Record for the past 5 years.
c. If the applicant has not been a resident of your state for the past 5 years, require a certified copy of their D.M.V. record from their state of residence for the previous five (5) years.
D. Do a background check by local police agency.
1. Polygraph exam (when appropriate).
E. Pre-employment physical exam by a Medical Doctor:
1. Back x-rays.
2. Complete blood and urine screen.
F. Pre-employment eye exam by a licensed optometrist:
1. Do not accept the eye exam by an M.D. or from the state driver’s license test.
2. Require testing for the following:
a. Color blindness.
b. Depth perception.
c. Peripheral vision.
G. Pre-employment testing for the following:
1. Upper and lower body strength.
2. Physical agility.
3. Coordination.
4. Dexterity.

II. Company Orientation Period

A Minimum 40 hours
1. Company policies and procedures.
2. Discipline policy.
3. Automatic termination for at-fault accidents.
4. Safe driving award system.
5. Required billing information.
6. Employees are required to reimburse the company for all at-fault damage done to company equipment.

III. Probationary Period

A. Minimum 30 days
1. New employees are not permitted to drive company-owned vehicles for the first 30 days of employment.

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