Suggested Guidelines for Complete In-House Quality Assurance Program – part two

This article is part two and concludes the suggested guidelines template.
Implementing and monitoring a comprehensive quality assurance program is difficult at best. We trust that this template assists you in developing your own unique safety plan.

F. C.A.D. (Computer Aided Dispatch, if applicable).

G. Vehicular Locating.

H. Map.

J. Time Documentation.
1. Time in.
2. Time out.
3. Vacation.
4. Sick leave.
5. Holidays.
6. Other.

V. Supply System:

A Minimum thirty (30) day.

B. Requisition and control.

VI. Office Procedures:

A Accounting.

B. Billing system.

C. Accounts receivable system

VII. Maintenance:

A. Facility.
1. Main office or headquarters.
2. Vehicle storage.
3. Vehicle maintenance.
4. General storage.
S. Hazardous storage.

B. Vehicle.
1. Daily check out
2. Preventative maintenance scheduled.
3. Regular maintenance.
4. Cleanliness.

C. Equipment.
1. Tools.
2. Machinery.

VIII. Education:

A. Driver’s Training.

B. Specific task(s) training.

C. Management training.

D. Safety training.

IX. Record Keeping And Documentation:

A. Vehicle maintenance reporting system.

B. Employee licensing documentation.

C. Employee discipline documentation.

X. Employee Benefits:

A. Duty schedules.

B. Rate of pay.

C. Medical Care.

D. Stress Management.

XI. Risk Management:

A. Safety Manager.

B. Operator/Driver Instructor.

C. Accident and Incident Investigation Board.

XII. Quality Assurance Program:

A. In place monitoring system.

B. Feedback system.

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