Suggested Guidelines for Complete In-House Quality Assurance Program

Establishing a comprehensive quality assurance program can be a daunting task. Below we have outlined the basics of such a plan to help you get started on this program. This article is part one and part two follows in an ensuing article.

I. State Of The Art Employment Procedures:

A. Complete application.

B. Pre-employment “Profile Test.”

C. Certified copy of their Motor Vehicle Driving Record for the past five (5) years.

D. Background check by local Police Agency.

E. Physical exam by a Medical Doctor
(Do not accept a physical exam performed by an E.R. doctor)

1. Back X-Rays.
2. Complete blood and urine test.

F. Eye exam by a Licensed Optometrist.
(Do not accept eye exam from an m.d. or the state drivers license test)
1. Color Blindness.
2. Depth perception.
3. Peripheral vision.

G. Pre-employment testing for the following:
1. Upper and lower body strength.
2. Physical agility.
3. Body coordination.
4. Dexterity.

II. Orientation of New Employees:

A. Minimum forty (40) hours.

B. Set goals.

C. Final test.

D. Probationary Period (recommended 180 days).

III. Published Policies And Procedures:

A Operational.

B. Employee Discipline.

IV. Communication System:

A Dispatcher and system status training.

B. Telephone.

C. Radio.

D. Data.

E. Recording.

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