Storage Areas – General Supply Storage

Storage areas are probably one of the least checked locations within an organization for safety hazards. Storage areas are usually out of sight and out of mind as far as risk management strategies go. This simple general supply storage area checklist might address safety issues and or potential hazards down the road.

1. Is the arrangement orderly and neat?

2. Are warehousing principles being followed as to aisles, clearing space, and boundary lines?

3. Are paint and flammable cleaning products stored in a well-ventilated structure, and separate from other storage areas?

4. Are floor and shelf load-bearing capacities posted and observed?

5. Is the clearance between electric light fixtures and stacked material at least 18 inches?

6. Is smoking prohibited in other than designated areas?

7. Is material stored so as not to interfere with sprinkler heads, fireline valves, fire hoses, fire extinguishers, fire exits, or fire doors?

8. Are large, bulky, or heavy materials stored near doors to minimize handling and facilitate movement?

9. Are frequent checks made of storage areas of hazardous (flammable, or corrosive) supplies to ensure safety?

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