Steps of Disciplinary Action

All steps of any employee discipline must agree with your Employee Handbook (which should be written by an Attorney who specializes in employment practices law). For these 27 sample infractions listed below it would be beneficial for you to categorize each one with a notation as to whether the employee will be receiving:

(a) counseling, (b ) a written reprimand, (c) suspension (d) or discharge.

1. Inability or failure to perform tasks assigned by management.
2. Irregular attendance or excessive absenteeism.
3. Absent three consecutive duty days without notifying the company.
4. Being absent during a duty day when a request for time off was denied.
5. Giving a false excuse for absentee-ism for which pay was received.
6. Insubordination.
7. Horseplay or disorderly conduct.
8. Falsification of company records.
9. Soliciting personal gifts or tips.
10. Willful destruction of company prop-erty or of others on the premises.
11. Failure to observe safety procedures and rules.
12. Habits or state of health which cre-ates an environment dangerous to the employee, co-employee or customers.
13. Unauthorized use or possession of company property.
14. Unauthorized removal of company property.
15. Fighting on company property.
16. Consumption of, or under the influ-ence of drugs, controlled substances or alcohol on or in company property.
17. Smoking in non-smoking areas or company vehicles.
18. Knowingly punching the time card of another employee, or conspiring with another person to punch your time card or the altering of a time card.
19. Immoral, indecent or unbecoming conduct on company property or during the performance of duty.
20. Unauthorized disclosure of or the use of confidential information. 21. Unauthorized disclosure of or the use of Customer/Client Records. 22. Unauthorized possession of firearms or explosives on company property.
23. Unsafe driving.
24. At fault accident.
25. Failure to use spotter when backing.
26. Four “Disciplinary Actions” during a twelve (12) month period.
27. Public criticism of a derogatory nature pertaining to other employees, company policies or management.

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