Standardized Operator Accident Report Example

Standardized accidents reports helps both the operator and the reviewer in analyzing the causes of claims. Standardization keeps the operator on track in reporting all the relevant data and having a standardized form helps the reviewer in analysis and record keeping.

Accident Phase:

Continue with a chronological account and explain what happened from the time the vehicle/equipment departed on the mission, or when the operation began. If there were interim stops/steps/procedures before the accident occurred, concisely summarize these events until addressing the segment involving the incident/accident. Also, describe actions and reactions of vehicle/equipment personnel between the time of the onset of the situation and when the vehicle/equipment came to rest at the conclusion of the accident.

Post-Accident Phase:

Continue with a chronological account and describe the condition of vehicle/equipment and condition of occupants or those involved immediately. After the accident/incident/mishap, iInclude what the site looked like after the accident, people at the site, what they were doing, what they did after the accident, and what you did.


People that were standing on the corner were watching. I asked the driver of the OV if he needed any assistance and he said, “No.” I informed the OV driver that we would exchange insurance information when the police arrived. I then talked with three persons who were on the corner and asked for their name, address, and phone number. I did not discuss the accident with them. The information is attached to this report.

When the police arrived, I told them the facts of the accident and gave them all the information on the insured vehicle (IV). While talking to the police I heard the driver of the OV state, “The light was green so I pulled around the stopped car and proceeded. I didn’t know why he was stopped at a green light.” I heard the police officer ask if he and the passenger were okay, and they responded, “Yes.” I then filled out the insurance form and read the company checklist pertaining to vehicle accidents. At approximately 1115 hours, the company safety manager came and started the investigation. I returned to the company at 1200 hours.

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