Standard Operating Safety Procedure

Having standards in the workplace is tantamount to getting your losses under control and for preventing potential hazards from developing into claims and losses. The “Standard Operating Procedure”, is the first step in setting your standards for safety in the organization.

Sop: Example Shop Standard Operating Procedure

1. Does the company have a shop safety SOP?

2. Does the SOP include the following safety precautions and procedures as pplicable?
a. Never, under any circumstances, use gasoline as a cleaning agent or as a solvent.
b. Never use or observe the use of grinding machines without safety goggles.
c. Never weld or observe welding without prescribed safety glasses or helmets.
d. Always use the proper tool for the job (a screwdriver is not a chisel nor a pry bar.)
e. Always keep the heads of tools such as punches, chisels, and drifts properly maintained.
f. Always use trained ground guides when backing vehicles, and at any other time the operator’s vision is obscured.
g. Always ground electrical equipment during operations.
h. Inspect firefighting equipment once a month to ensure that it is properly located on a bracket, available for use, designated for type of use, and in proper working condition.
I. Ensure that all lifting devices, i.e., hoists, lifts, cranes, booms, etc., are properly inspected and marked showing maximum lift capacity, and that the proper use is enforced.

3. Does the company SOP require supervisors to have frequent and regular meetings to brief their personnel on safety procedures, to elicit any suggestions on improvements of safety practices, and to publicize any newly adopted safety procedure?

4. Do SOPs clearly identify safety procedures for instruction to all employees to prevent
horseplay, practical jokes, and unauthorized recreation? Do supervisors prohibit such actions, and is disciplinary action taken when such behavior occurs?

5. Are shop cleanup and notification procedures for petroleum spills included in the SOP?

6. Does the company SOP include hearing protection requirements?

7. Does the shop SOP include proper procedures for draining all gasoline-operated equipment (generators, lawn mowers, etc.) prior to placing in temporary storage?

8. Is all hazardous waste disposed of in accordance with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) standards?

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