Sample Accident Investigator Review Board Letter

To make your supervisor’s jobs easier and more effective it helps to have templates for them to use in their accident investigation reports. The added benefit for you in upper management is that you have set forth the form that you desire so that you are not getting rambling verbiage in a report.




Subject: Appointment as Member of the (Company) (Accident) (Mishap) Investigation Board

References: (a) Standard Safety Operating Procedures
(b) Other pertinent company material

1. Based on your professional experience and knowledge, you have been appointed a (member) (the senior member) of the (company) Investigation Board. In conducting your investigation you will comply with the provisions of Reference (a) (Standard Safety Operating Procedures) and other company policies.

2. The responsibility inherent in this appointment extends beyond loyalties you hold to your peers or position. The company is dependent upon the efforts of Investigation Boards for the analysis and reporting of mishaps in order that potential causes of damage and injury can be identified and eradicated. The sole purpose of the Investigation Board is to improve safety, and your efforts should, therefore, include complete, open, and forthright expressions of your views. To this end, you are assured that this company to reduce future hazards shall use the report. In addition, significant findings of this report may be shared with other companies.

3. Should any circumstances arise which preclude the proper performance of your duties you shall immediately notify me.


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