Safety Support Tools – Bulletin Boards

As a component of your safety campaign, having bulletin boards for postings is important. The caveat is that unless you take the time and effort to make it effective you might as well not even bother, as you will do more damage than good but putting a bulletin board that is perceived as sloppy and unprofessional.

1. Where Does One Put A Bulletin Board?

Where people gather.
Coffee break areas.
Dispatch areas.
Tool cribs.
Lunch break areas.

2. What Attracts People To A Bulletin Board?

Humor (cartoons, etc.)
Pleasing arrangement.
Manipulative devices (lift-the-flap).
Three dimensional displays.
Actual hardware.
Motion/flashing lights.
Unexpected displays.
Most of all, the certain knowledge that the bulletin board always has
something new, up-to-date, and interesting.

3. What Will Make People Read or Study an Item?

Good lettering.
Pleasing display.
Framing and backing sheets.
Direction lines.
Questions (“Would you do this?”).
Good captions.
Size (bigger is better).
Location (eye level).
Simplicity (doesn’t look hard to read).
Convenience (one side of page only).

4. What Will Turn People Away From a Bulletin Board?

Old items.
Irrelevant items.
Long, dull items.
Clutter, sloppy lettering.
Inconvenient to read due to location, print quality, etc.

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