Safety Manager’s Sample Corrective Actions

a. Immediate Cause:
(1) A meeting was conducted with all maintenance personnel to discuss the current
backing policy. Each person was reminded of the policy that vehicles will not be
backed up in the maintenance area without a ground guide.
(2) If a guide is not available from maintenance, the driver will phone administration
to locate a person to assist.
(3) If a backing accident occurs and a ground guide was not used, the driver will
be held responsible for the deductible on the vehicle and damage to equipment. He/she
may also be held liable for any injuries sustained.
(4) Backing without a ground guide will result in immediate suspension until an
investigation is conducted.

b. Basic Cause:
(1) Distribute information regarding the dangers involved in backing without a ground guide.
(2) Distribute information and discuss at company meetings the consequences for acking without a ground guide.
(3) Add supplemental material to the company orientation program regarding backup policy.

c. Lack of Controls:
(1) Inform the Maintenance Manager of his responsibility to supervise and train his people in the proper procedures for backing.
(2) Inform company personnel that each person is responsible for ensuring that no vehicle is backed up without a ground guide. Any person observing a violation should offer their assistance and remind the person of the policy.

d. Point Of Contact:
List the name, title, address, and phone number of the individual
designated to answer inquiries about this hazard report.

e. President/Ceo/General Manager’s Comments:
This Hazard Report must be forwarded for comments if a risk analysis of High or Very High is determined. Policy recommended by the Safety Manager is acceptable and will be enforced in this company.

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