Safety Manager’s Checklist – part 2

This is part 2 of our Safety Manager’s Checklist to help you in the implementation and review of your organization’s safety plan.

3. Instruction To Company Employees

A. Have you conducted a class to ensure all employees know the importance of the Employee Hazard Report Form, where it may be obtained, and how to complete it? Yes No

B. Have you conducted a class to ensure all employees know what to expect and how to respond if they are involved in an accident, where to locate Driver Report Forms and how to complete them? Yes No

4. Managing The Driving Instructor

A. Have you personally selected the company Operator/Driver Instructors? Yes No
B. Have you checked that they meet your guidelines? Yes No

C. Was the Driving Instructor approved by the President/CEO? Yes No

5. Policy Review

Have you reviewed and revised Company Policy and Procedures with the President/CEO as needed for the following:

A. Driver Training? Yes No
B. New Employee Orientation? Yes No
C. Intersections? Yes No
D. Backing? Yes No

6. Safety Manager Administration

Do you maintain active files on the following:

A. List of all accidents and incidents with following information:
* Name of employee * Yes No
* Date of accident or incident* Yes No
* Type accident* Yes No
* Number of days/time lost* Yes No
* Amount of claim* Yes No

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