Safety Manager’s Checklist

This checklist is designed to assist you in implementing and evaluating your company safety program. To be considered in compliance with the program, the following minimum requirements must be met.

1. Administrative and Planning

A. Have you briefed your President/CEO on the contents of the program, and your capabilities as a Safety Manager? Yes No

B. Have you briefed your President/CEO on what the results of the program can mean in terms of dollars saved? Yes No

C. Have you prepared a written plan and briefed the President/CEO on what you are prepared to do for the company? Yes No

D. Have you received concurrence from the President/CEO to implement the Safety Program as briefed? Yes No

E. After receiving concurrence from the President/CEO, have you briefed the program to the rest of the company management team and employee representatives? Yes No

F. Have you reviewed POLICY AND PROCEDURES as it pertains to the Safety and Operator/Driver Instructor? Yes No

2. The Five-Step Accident Prevention Process

A. Have you gathered historical data to set the base line for program evaluation? Yes No

B. Have you conducted a complete Hazard-Survey Inventory Log of your entire operation? Yes No

C. Have you analyzed the date to determine your likely areas of risk? Yes No

D. have you conducted a risk assessment of the hazards found? Yes No

E. Have you implemented corrective actions on the high risk hazards found and put appropriate countermeasures in place to reduce future risks? These should cover all five dominoes. Yes No

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