Safety Manager Requirements

The requirements of a Safety Manager are many faceted and not just one characteristic. Depending upon your organization, you might need a Safety Manager that is more technical or more of a human resources type of person. The goal is to get results in keeping the employees and equipment safe from harm. Below are some basic requirements that can help in your search for this key employee.

1. Minimum six (6) months Supervisory experience

2. Has demonstrated professional rapport with fellow workers

3. Proven loyalty to the company

4. Committed to developing into an upper level manager

5. Self-starter, with independent work habits

6. Ability to communicate with both oral and written skills at all levels

7. Aggressive and thorough in investigative and inspection procedures

8. Effective in analyzing and evaluating problems, making recommendations and
suggestions to bring change to a system, in order to improve Safety and Operational Procedures

9. Mechanical aptitudes for vehicle manufacturing, repair, maintenance, and safety

10. General knowledge of building construction, maintenance, and safety

11. Must demonstrate a strong interest in Loss Control, Safety, Risk Management,
Operator/Driver Training, Quality Assurance, Inter-personal Relations, and
Employee Training, with a positive attitude and commitment to the Goals and
Philosophies of the Organization

12. Must have the ethics, experience and education for your industry

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