Safety Manager Job Description

Conduct inspections of all vehicles and facilities — Identify safety and risk problems — Make recommendations to management on corrective action that is required to correct safety and hazard deficiencies — Compile statistical reports relating to safety — Manage
Workers Compensation program
– Responsible for accident and incident investigationReporting all claims and incidents to the proper insurance carrier — Conduct Safety Board Meetings on all accidents and incidents — Manage Operator/Driver Training for the company — Schedule safety programs for all employees –Responsible for follow-up that all Safety and Risk problems have been corrected in a timely manner — A member of the management teamAttend-Local, State, and National seminars that relate to Safety and Risk Management.

Maintain a working knowledge of Safety and Risk Management as it pertains to your Industry in the following areas:

1. Pre-Placement employment procedures

2. Pre-Placement Testing

3. Federal, state Wage and Hour Laws

4. O.S.H.A., Laws

5. Auto, General Liability, and Fire Claims Management

6. State Workers Compensation Laws and Procedures

7. Company Policy and Procedures Manuals

8. New Employee Orientation and Continuing Education

9. Operator/Driver Training

11. Billing System

12. Computer System

13. Building Construction and Maintenance

14. Vehicle Construction and Maintenance

15. Life and Fire Safety Communications Systems – Telephone – Dispatch

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