Safety Manager Case Study Guide

This case study below can be used in a tailgate safety meeting, managers meeting, etc. to help facilitate ERP (Enterprise Risk Planning) for your entire organization. By using a fictitious example, the participants might be more willing to explore more options versus putting their neck on the line with a real life situation at hand.


You have been directed to analyze the risks associated with your company’s relocation of administrative and maintenance facilities. Vehicles and personnel are available to transport supplies, office furniture, office supplies, and maintenance equipment to the new location. Maintenance equipment includes shop tools, spare parts, 8 full and 8 empty O2 cylinders, and oil and lubricants. The total distance to be traveled is 20 miles.


1. Your company will continue to provide service before, during, and after the move.

2. Company personnel will be used to pack, load, move, unload, and store all material that will be moved.

3. A mix of drivers and administrative personnel will be used to drive the trucks and do much of the packing and loading. Trucks are leased moving van size vehicles.

4. You have sufficient time to plan this move, and the entire move will take no longer than two working days.

5. The new facility is not new. It is, however, larger than your current facility.


1. Use the Five-Step Accident Prevention Process and the information provided to analyze this move. Remember, your focus in this analysis is on Safety and Accident/Mishap Prevention!

2. Develop recommendations for your supervisor outlining methods for reducing and/or
eliminating hazards and risk associated with this move.

3. Set a logical format to present your analysis and recommendations.

4. Process:
a. Work in groups as assigned.
b. Use the worksheets provided to organize your work.
c. Prepare your analysis and recommendations on sheets of butcher paper.
d. Select a member of your group to make the group presentation.

Information Collection

Questions to consider:

1. Break the task into “bite-size” pieces.

2. What additional information would you like to collect on hazards you may encounter?
What sources would you use to obtain this information?

3. List the known and anticipated hazards you have identified.

Analysis of Data

Questions to consider:

1. How would you group the data you have collected?

2. Conduct a Task Analysis, as appropriate.

3. What are your risk assessments?

Develop Countermeasures

Questions to consider:

1. What countermeasures have you developed for the hazards identified?

2. Do they cover each of the Dominos?

Implementation Process

Questions to consider:

1. Describe your plan for implementing countermeasures that will ensure a safe move.

2. Your plan should contain:
a. What is to be done?
b. How it is to be done?
c. Who will do it?
d. When it should be done relative to the move?
e. What resources will be required?

3. What are the various job responsibilities involved?

Control Measures

Questions to consider:

1. What control measures have you developed?

2. Control measures should address:
a. Period before the move.
b. Period during the move.
c. Period after the move.

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