Safety Management Administration Record Keeping

Safety administration record keeping is important in maintaining documentation for legal requirements and for safety analysis. Below is a sample template than can be used in your risk management department as a format in recording all aspects of your safety program.

Safety Meeting Minutes:

Periodic safety meetings or safety councils should meet to discuss the progress of the safety effort. This is also an opportunity to include management and employees in the safety effort. As a minimum your meetings or council should include persons from each major area of the company. Keep the following minutes for your records:

A. Management: This should include:

1. Name of attendees.
2. Date of meeting.
3. Subjects addressed.
4. Recommendations.

B. Employees: This should include:

1. Name of attendees.
2. Date of meeting.
3. Subjects covered.
4. Recommendations.

Safety Surveys:

A. Hazard Identification Logs/Risk Assessments.

B. Corrective Actions Taken. These should refer to the hazard identification.

C. Hazard Reports from Employees.

Bulletin Board Topics: Include topics pertaining to seasonal hazards, their locations, problem areas identified in surveys or reports, areas of management attention, maintenance, advisories from outside agencies, etc.

Safety Award Program: An active safety award program can assist you in sustaining the safety effort.

Personnel Motivation Techniques: Motivating personnel to conduct operations safely is a challenge for the safety manager.

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