Remedial Measures for Commercial Insurance – part 2

This is part two of our risk management study into analyzing remedial measures to prevent losses. These points of review and spark the necessary discussions for change within your organization.

8. Redesign (or proved) Equipment or Material: This recommendation is made when equipment or material caused or contributed to an accident because:

a. The required equipment or material was not available.

b. The equipment or material used was not properly designed.

9. Improve (or provide) Facilities or Services: This recommendation is made when facilities or services led to an accident because:

a. The required facilities or services were not available.

b. The facilities or services used were inadequate.

10. Improve Quality Control: This recommendation is directed primarily toward the improvement of training, manufacturing, and maintenance operation where poor quality products (personnel or material) have led to accidents.

11. Perform Studies to get Solution to System Inadequacy: This recommendation should be made when corrective actions cannot be determined without a special study. Such studies can range from informal efforts at the company to highly technical research projects performed by equipment manufacturers.

12. Improve Supervision or Coordination by Management or Supervisor: The purpose of this recommendation is to improve the monitoring of personnel or organizational activities to make sure they are proceeding satisfactorily.

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