Qualities of a Successful Accident Investigator

Every individual involved in accident investigation must possess or develop certain fundamental qualities to be a successful investigator:

a. An Open Mind. The ability to refrain from making a decision until a” the facts are obtained, sorted, evaluated, and considered.

b. A Capacity for Hard Work. The investigation of accidents requires a substantial amount of time and burning of the midnight oil.

c. Common Sense. The requirement that an investigation be conducted in a planned and orderly manner necessitates that the investigator be endowed with plain, ordinary horse sense.

d. Integrity. The investigator must be above influence of any kind from any source and report the facts that are determined through the investigation.

e. Faith. The investigator must have faith that the cause of the accident can be determined.

f. Curiosity. The investigator must possess or develop strong curiosity if he is to determine the cause of an accident.

g. Perseverance. The investigator must have the ability to ferret out every factor until the ultimate cause is determined.

h. Basic Knowledge. The investigator should have a broad basic knowledge of the Safety Management Program, the industry, and vehicle operations.

Clearly if you have a person that is not qualified as the accident investigator the findings probably will be erroneous and lead to improper recommendations to remedy the situation.

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