Personal Motivation Techniques

There are several simple things that you as a Safety Manager can do on a daily basis that will help motivate people. Below is part one of our discussion on positive reinforcement of your safety plan.

Get Out Of The Office:

The time lost in going to the location where people are working or a job is taking place is not wasted. People are much more comfortable dealing with a Safety Manager in familiar surroundings than in the formal setting of an office.

Give Credit:

When something good happens, push the credit as far down into the
organization as possible.

Get People Involved:

Get participation in investigations, inspections, hazard resolution, and safety decisions which affect the jobs of others.

Cultivate A White Hat Image:

The Safety Manager is there to help company personnel do their jobs better, not restrict them from doing their jobs. When something is told one in confidence, it should be kept in confidence.

Participate In The Operations:

Find out for yourself what the problems are.

Provide Feedback:

Let company personnel know what is happening. Even if you cannot solve someone’s problem, let him know that it is being worked on. The fact that someone is interested in another person’s problem is a motivation.

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