Personal Motivation for a Culture of Safety

As a Risk Safety Manager you need to lead the way by instilling a culture of safety within your organization. Below is part two of our discussion on creating this environment of safety.

Maintain High Visibility:

Everyone in the company should know who the Safety Manager is. Furthermore, they should know that they are going to see and hear from the Safety Manager on a regular basis, and should feel that something is missing if they do not.

Become A Good Listener:

In day-to-day operations, many of the minor problems that crop up could be resolved if people would just listen to each other. The frustration level of the driver or mechanic down the line is no different from anyone else’s, but they may not have anyone who will listen to them. Be that listener.

Be Accessible:

Cultivate the idea that people can talk to the Safety Manager in confidence knowing that whatever they tell him will never be used against them.

Ask For People’s Ideas:

Use employees as a resource. Actively solicit their ideas on how things can be done safer and more effectively. Most people like their jobs, like to explain their jobs to other people, and like to be asked for help.

Share Future Plans:

Let the people know where company safety has been, where it ought to go, and what is coming in the future. People enjoy being consulted and informed about things that affect their future.

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