Operator-Driver Training Guidelines – part two

The following “Guidelines”, part two, have been created for you safety manager or front line supervisor to assist them in the implementation of the requirements for your company.

IV. Training Requirements:

A. Day One

1. Introduction to Company Driving Policy and Procedures.
2. Company Mission Statement.
3. Attitudes on driving.
4. Vehicle Dynamics.
5. Developing safe driving habits and attitudes.
6. The use of Commentary Driving.
7. Adverse driving conditions.
8. Vehicle Inspection.
9. Maintenance Request Reporting.
10. Incident and Accident Report Writing.
11. Human Factors Training:
a. Decision Making
b. Communicating Effectively
c. Effective Listening
d. Resolving Conflict and Problems
e. Assertiveness
f. Feedback and Critique
g. Operator/Driver Attitudes
h. Procedural Compliance
i. Poor Judgment Chain
j. Problem Solving
k. Priority Analysis
i. Managing Stress
m. Operator/Driver Distractions
n. Open-mindedness

B. Day Two

1. Basic driving standards:
a. Driver and Driving Awareness
b. Systematic Eye Movement
c. Constant Rate Acceleration
d. Use of Compression in Stopping
e. Smooth Braking
f. Four Second Following Rule
g. Rear Tire Stopping Rule
h. The Ten Second Lane Change Rule
I. Rear and Side Space Cushion Rule
j. Backing With A Ground Guide or Spotter
k. Loading and Un-Loading
I. Maximum Company Speed Limit
m. The Law of Due Regard
n. Routes of Travel
o. Freeway Driving
p. Reducing Distractions When Driving

C. Day Three

1. Field Cone Demonstration and Practice:
a. The Narrowing Channel
b. Backing
c. Backing Under Overhangs and Low Clearance Space
d. Backing to the Wall
e. Backing Along a Curb
f. Backing Into a Driveway
2. Driving Demonstration:
a. The Trainee drives with Trainer for 2-4 hours in various driving situations, i.e. Freeway, In Town, Rural Area and Congested Area.

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