Operator-Driver Training Guidelines

The following “Guidelines” have been developed to assist you in implementing your own course content and time requirements for your company. Both the training of the driver and the mentoring from the trainer is important for the success of any safety program within you organization.

I. Generic Guidelines for Operator-Driver Training

A. It is recommended that before you attempt to train your Operator/Drivers you
have a “Safety Manager” and a “Safety Survey” has been completed and identified
specific driving hazards.
B. The Safety Manager and Operator/Driver Trainer are responsible for developing
the following:
1. Requirements.
2. Operator/Driver Evaluator — Qualifications.
3. Company driving standards.
4. Accident Review Board.
5. Training Check list.
6. Driving Evaluation Check List.

II. The Safety Manager should identify the primary Operator/Driver Trainer for the company and be responsible for the management of the training program.

A. You will require on Trainer for each twenty-five (25) driving position you have in your company.
B. Driver Trainers must be proficient in the use of Commentary Driving.

III. Operator/Driver requirements:

A. Completed the company orientation process.
B. Meets all company requirements to become an Operator/Driver.

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