Operator-Driver Training Check List – part two

This is part two of the operator-driver training checklist for a quick Pass or Fail analysis of your vehicle risk exposures from your drivers.

Trainer _______________ Driver Trainee ______________

Pass Fail

40. Correct use of the vehicle braking system.
41. Use of correct procedures for the following:

A. Starting the vehicle.
B. Acceleration.
C. Cornering.
D. Stopping.
E. Passing.

42. Company policy on backing:
A. With a spotter.
B. Without a spotter.

43. Attitudes towards operating a company unit
44. Professionalism as an operator/driver.
45. Courtesy towards customers, passengers, employees, and other motorists.
46. Location of the following:

A. Fire extinguishers.
B. First aid kit
C. Tool kit.

Unit Driving In the Field

1. Checking that all doors and compartments are closed before starting the unit.

2. Professional and courteous driving habits.

3. Observation and the practice of obeying all motor vehicle laws.

4. Parking of the unit at the following:
A. Private residence.
B. Public area.
C. Restaurants–fast food.

5. Backing of the unit:
A. With a spotter.
B. Without a spotter.

6. Use of the 3 to 4 second rule in following the vehicle In front of you.
7. Smooth starting and acceleration.
8. Smooth braking.
9. Overdriving of the unit.
10. Passing of other vehicles.
11. Returning to the correct lane after passing.
12. Exceeding the posted speed limit by 10 mph.
13. Complete stop at all controlled intersections.
14. Eye contact with all stopped vehicles at intersections.
15. Aware of the dangers of vehicles coming from the left and right, left turn lanes.
16. Understands that 60 percent of all accidents occur at or in the intersection.
17. Understands that all intersection accidents have a potential loss in dollars of $1,000,000 plus lives.

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