Operator-Driver Training Check List

This training checklist can help in expediting the training process of new employees and drivers.

Trainer _______________ Driver Trainee ______________

Pass Fail

1. General knowledge of company policies and procedures.
2. Uniform, dress and appearance policies.
3. No smoking policy in company units.
4. No food or beverage policy in the unit when on business.
5. Vehicle daily check out policy.
6. Fluid level check points.
7. Fluid levels.
8. Check belts and hoses.
9. Checking of tires and condition of tires.
10. Checking of the exterior of the unit for damage.
11. Checking of the interior of the unit for damage.
12. Washing and waxing of the unit.
13. Maintenance request and repair reporting.
14. In the field emergency repair procedures.
15. In the field changing of a tire, and the location of tire jack and tools.
16. Towing procedures for company vehicles.
17. Map reading.
18. Use of vehicle locating system.
19. Use of company-wide communications system.
20. Use of the vehicle communication system.
21. Use of the portable communication system.
22. Use of the company paging system.
23. Reporting of vehicle accident, incidents and hazards.
24. Reporting of an on the job injury or illness.
25. Reporting of a field incident with a customer, public agency or the public.
26. Care and the protection of company property.
27. Reporting of missing equipment.
28. Reporting of equipment left at the customer premises.
29. Daily mileage reporting procedures.
30. Billing procedures.
31. Company rates for service provided.
32. Special billing procedures.
33. Use of company issued credit cards in the field.
34. Fuel purchasing procedures n the field.
35. Understanding of the law of due regard.
36. Company policy for employee paying for at-fault accidents or damage.
37. Company speed limit policy.
38. Company policy on controlled and un-controlled intersections.
39. Company policy on mandatory eye contact at all intersections.

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