Operator-Driver Trainer Checklist – part two

This operator-driver checklist, part two, is created to help you and your team analyze and make decisions with regards to your Operator/Driver Training Program.

D. Training Current Operator/Drivers:

Have you prepared a plan to train current Operator/Drivers which considers the following areas?

Priority One
1. Training for individuals previously involved in accidents.

Priority Two
1. Training for individuals with known driving problems.
2. Appropriate training material to address the problems of those above.

E. Control Measures and Follow up:

Have you completed the following tasks?

1. Prepared individual training records for each person trained, which covers the information contained in the Operator/Driver Evaluation Record.
Yes No

2. Worked with your Safety Manager to identify potential driving problems in the Company.
Yes No

3. Provided the Safety Manager with a list of each Operator/Driver trained by you? This should include Name, Type Training received, and a statement that you personally trained the individual and they have completed all requirements in a satisfactory manner.
Yes No

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