Operator-Driver Trainer Checklist

This checklist is designed to assist you in implementing and evaluating your Operator/ Driver Training Program.

A. Administrative and Planning have you done the following:

1. Met with your Safety Manager and briefed him/her on the Program?
2. Worked with the Safety Manager to identify high risk areas for training?
3. Prepared and delivered a briefing on the program to the Safety Manager and President/CEO?
4. Laid out the program and received approval from the President/CEO?
5. Scheduled a program in writing which outlines the implementation of the program? This includes: Who, What and When.

B. Policy and Procedure Review
Have you reviewed the following subjects with your Safety Manager and discussed with him/her present and new Policy and Procedures, and incorporated those areas that are applicable into your new Operator/Driver Training Program?

1. Intersections. Yes No
2. Backing. Yes No

C. Classroom Instruction New Employee Operator/Driver Training:
Have you prepared a plan to train all new employee Operator/Drivers which includes as a minimum the following Basic Training information?

1. Introduction. Yes No
2. Attitude. Yes No
3. Driver Awareness. Yes No
4. Procedural Compliance. Yes No
5. Communications. Yes No
6. Legal Aspects. Yes No
7. Accident Report Writing. Yes No

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