Operator-Driver Proficiency Check Sheet – Part Two

Name: __________________________________

Date: __________________________________

Trainer: _______________________________


Following distance
A. Four seconds
B. Makes smooth adjustments
C. Allows others into cushion
D. Acts to regain cushion (within 15 to 20 seconds)
E. Maintains distance on hills, curves, blind corners, etc.
F. Adds four seconds to distance for night, rain, fatigue, fog, smoke, and other limiting factors.
G. Adds eight seconds to distance for Snow, packed snow, ice, and black ice.

Lane changes

A. No sudden moves
B. Makes change decision properly
1. First phase:
2. Second phase:
3. Third phase:


A. Avoids
B. Backs into space
C. Uses guide every time
D. Between lines
E. Front and rear swing
F. Proper use of mirrors

G. Appropriate backing speed
H. Follows standard hand signals

Predictive Driving

A. Recognizes hazards early
B. Acts immediately
C. Non-competitive
D. Practices commentary driving
E. Accepts commentary driving
F. Signals intentions in advance

Miles driven during the check ride: in town _____ freeway _____

Overall rating: pass fail remedial training __________

Additional training is required in the following areas: _________

Trainer’s comments: ________________________________________________

Driver trainer

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