Operator-Driver Proficiency Check Sheet

Operator-Driver Proficiency Check Sheet for front line managers and safety officers.

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Date: __________________________________

Trainer: _______________________________


Starting from stop
A. Checks left, ahead, right, etc.
B. Gradually off brake
C. Gradually overcomes inertia
D. Opens space ahead
E. Begins eye movements
F. Eases off throttle
G. Smooth & controlled

A. Off throttle early
B. Lets engine act as brake
C. Uses light pedal pressure
D. Uses brake lights to warn
E. Makes smooth application
F. Eases off pedal when stopping
G. Use of right foot when braking
H. Appropriate use of left foot when

Starting or stopped on incline
A. maintains distance of one car length

When stopped in traffic

Eye movements
A. Constantly sweeping
B. Looks far ahead (20-40 seconds)
C. Recognizes hazards early
D. Checks mirrors every 5 seconds
E. Glances in mirror, not staring
F. Adjusts to vehicles behind
G. Adjusts to vehicles and obstacles on both sides


A. Foot off throttle
B. Illuminates brake lights
C. Checks mirrors
D. Scans entire view
E. Recognizes “blind” spots
F. Early braking approach
G. Times approach for green light
H. Avoid first 4 seconds of green
I. Does not pass on right

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