Operator Claim or Accident Report Writing

It is reasonable to assume that the majority of vehicle accidents will not receive a thorough investigation until sometime after the accident. In this case, it is essential that the driver be skilled in filling out an initial report and beginning the investigation. You should train your drivers in the skills for handling the accident scene and in basic report writing techniques. Following is a recommended format for drivers to follow. You should make up your own form at a later date, adding specific information you and the company want. Common sense must be used to determine the depth of the investigation and how much time is spent on it.


Accidents are a part of life. The objective of any accident prevention program is to reduce the likelihood and severity of accidents and minimize the consequences as a result of the accident The pre-planning phase of accident investigation is designed to assist you in preparing the employees of your organization for an accident. Actions you, as a Safety Manager, should take in the pre-planning phase include:

1. Teaching the drivers to complete the accident report form.

2. Ensure report forms are readily available and placed in each vehicle.

3. Develop a strategy for you and the employees to use to discuss any accident with an investigator. This includes preparing people to use the Accident Scene Checklist which follows.

4. Teaching employees what to expect and how to respond at the scene:

a. How to Respond to negative behavior of others, such as cursing, insults (racial or otherwise), assaults (other than self-defense), and temper control.

b. How to calm the antagonist by assuming a non-aggressive posture, control of voice, and body language.

c. Never admitting fault to anyone. Never say things like, “I am sorry, I didn’t see you”, etc.

d. immediately notify your company and your insurance company of any accident.

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