Office Areas Checklist for Safety Management

A general strategy for office safety management is listed below. Your company’s office or offices may be more complex than this list and thus you will need to enhance this list of questions for your office managers. If you have a checklist you can then keep your person responsible for safety more easily held accountable versus just telling them to “be safe”.

1. Are floors in good repair and clean?

2. Are rubber mats used in desk areas?

3. Are clothes and flammable substances kept away from stoves or heating devices?

4. Are electrical appliances inspected regularly?

5. Are ash trays provided?

6. Are sufficient trash cans provided?

7. Is the furniture serviceable?

8. Is food stored properly?

9. Is adequate lighting available?

10. Are operating instructions posted for mechanical equipment?

11. Are thermostats working properly?

12. Are sanitary standards maintained in the kitchen and restroom areas?

13. Is proper rodent and insect control established?

14. Are computers and other work areas set at correct heights and distances to comply with ergonomics?

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