Material Handling

Materials’ handling various greatly from company to company, and it is prudent to have standards from start to finish. Checklist and training workflows can help in this area. Below are some starter questions in developing your materials handling procedures.

1. Are employees given proper instruction and training concerning potential dangers associated with their daily tasks?

2. Are employees given proper protective clothing in accordance with the hazards involved?

3. Is the use of Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment (PPCE) strictly enforced by supervisors?

4. Have employees been properly trained for use of the PPCE provided?

5. Are fire extinguishers maintained and in a designated area at all times?

6. Is the work area kept in a clean and orderly condition?

7. Are color code markings used properly?

8. Are employees trained to operate powered material handling equipment (forklifts, winches, hoists, etc.)?

9. Are lifting devices inspected daily by the operator before use?

10. Is the load rating and date of the next periodic inspection stenciled (1 inch or larger) on crane booms, hoists, chains, slings, hooks, and jacks?

11. Are employees instructed in the proper method of lifting heavy objects?

12. Are persons with existing hernias, or those who have a history of previous back strains, assigned duties that do not require heavy lifting?

13. Are finger rings prohibited when manually handling materials?

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