Maintenance for Insurance Safety

General maintenance for insurance safety should be a central component of any risk management strategy for your organization. We have provided for your review below some areas of potential hazards that could develop into claims or losses for your company.

1. Are high flashpoint solvents or cleaners, rather than low, being used in cleaning?

2. Are lock assemblies checked on maintenance stands? Are they free of oil and grease?

3. Are maintenance personnel cautioned regarding wearing loose items of clothing, various items of jewelry, and the wearing of hair of any significant length in a loose fashion around equipment and machinery?

4. Is good housekeeping maintained?

5. Do maintenance personnel operate equipment controls before assuring that all personnel are clear of moving parts?

6. Are makeshift workstands or scaffolding used?

7. Are jacks inspected regularly for defects, safety locks, and hydraulic fluids?

8. Are drip pans used to catch oil from engines? Is spilled oil promptly cleaned up?

9. Is electrical equipment properly grounded?

10. Are fire extinguishers readily available for immediate use?

11. Is a vehicle exhaust ventilation system in use in enclosed areas? Is the system checked regularly for leaks and serviceability?

12. Are ground guides required when vehicles are moved into and out of the maintenance areas?

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