Machine Shop

Small machine shops are in abundance across the USA. Some common traits and characteristics can be found in almost all of these businesses. These targeted eight questions listed below can be beneficial in identifying existing hazards or potentially exposures that can develop into full-blown hazards.

1. Are machines shut down before maintenance is performed?

2. Are oily rags, waste, and other grease-soaked materials disposed of in metal containers with self-closing lids, and emptied daily?

3. Are personnel cautioned about wearing loose clothing, long sleeves, gloves, and rings when working moving machinery?

4. Is eye protection worn where flying particles of metal are produced?

5. Are machines properly grounded to a low resistance ground?

6. Is scrap metal promptly cleaned up and disposed of?

7. Is illumination in the machine shop adequate?

8. Is the temperature in the machine shop maintained at a level to prevent sweating and/or fogging of goggles, helmets and other protective devices?

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