Insurance Accident Report Formal Writing

The written accident report must contain sufficient information written in narrative form and in simple language, to enable reviewing officials or a formal board, to determine exactly what happened, why it happened, how the investigator determined what happened and why, and the basis for recommending corrective action to prevent recurrence. A recommended report format follows below.

Suggested Guidelines • • For Accident or Incident Review Board


A. The purpose of the Review Board is to review the facts of the occurrence to:

1. Prevent future accidents or incidents.
2. Ensure safe operation in the future.
3. Determine probable cause.
4. Make recommendations as to further actions required.


A. In some minor situations the Safety Manager may act as the Chairman and present his findings directly to the Board. The Board may elect to investigate further, or to accept the facts as stated.

B. When a serious accident or incident occurs the Safety Manager acts as a resource person to the Board, by presenting the facts and information he has learned.

C. The Safety Manager is responsible for preparing the final report.


A. The composition and conduct of the board will vary depending on the severity of the accident or incident. Individuals who should be considered for inclusion on the Board are:

1. Safety Manager.
2. Individual’s supervisor/manager.
3. Peers (2) (with good record).
4. Union Representative (if applicable).
5. Expert Representative: An individual with a thorough knowledge of the accident or incident area.

B. The individuals involved in the accident or incident are not part of the Review Board, but will be called by the Board to provide testimony.
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