Housekeeping and Fire Prevention

Below is a checklist for developing an overall program for housekeeping and fire prevention for any organization. Obviously, you will need to amend this checklist for your unique business processes. While this is not a comprehensive list, it is a start and thus it can be beneficial for your company.

1. Are fire resistant storage cabinets provided for storage of oil, paint, grease, or other flammable material?

2. Are all rags, waste, etc., soiled by combustible or flammable materials, kept in tightly closed metal containers for daily disposal?

3. Are coffee pots and other electrical appliances, for use in office areas, inspected monthly?

4. Are all exits clear, identified with exit signs, and visible to all occupants?

5. Are the proper type fire extinguishers placed in appropriate, well-designated locations? Are they properly inspected on a regular basis?

6. Are maintenance areas kept clean and orderly?

7. Are oil spills cleaned up immediately?

8. Are tools properly maintained?

9. In addition to job-by-job cleanup, is a scheduled period of 15 to 30 minutes each day/shift being utilized for housekeeping duties?

10. Are drip pans utilized in maintenance bays under vehicles which have seeps or leaks of petroleum, oil, and lubrication products?

11. Is smoking prohibited in shops, garages, or vehicle parking areas, except in areas specifically designated by competent authority?

12. Is smoking prohibited within 50 feet of vehicles transporting or dispensing flammable liquids, or other combustible materials?

13. Are vehicles operated with fuel leaks of any type?

14. Are flammable waste materials removed to a collection area outside maintenance shops and garages at the close of each workday?

15. Is the use of gasoline prohibited for any cleaning purposes, including cleaning vehicle parts, clothing, floors, etc.?

16. Are only approved solvents used for cleaning vehicle parts in maintenance areas?

17. Are fire extinguishers available in all areas?

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