Hearing Conservation

Loss of hearing can be temporary or permanent. Either way the damages can have tremendous safety effects on the organization. Usually safety checklist deal with visual observations but questions probing potential hearing hazards should be on your risk managers total risk management safety plan for your company.

1. Do supervisors ensure that noise hazardous areas within their area of responsibility are properly designated wih caution signs?

2. Do supervisors enforce the wearing of hearing protectors by employees and visitors during exposure to hazardous noise?

3. Are noise hazardous areas identified, and are noise hazardous signs posted within easy view?

4. Supervisors provide hearing protective devices (earplugs or ear-muffs), as required, and ensure that these devices are properly fitted by trained personnel?

5. Where actual sound level measurements are not available, do employees assume the existence of hazardous noise level, if one or more of the following exists?

a. There is difficulty in communicating by speech within the area?

b. Employees experience ringing in their ears after working in the area?

c. Employees experience a temporary loss of hearing that muffles speech and other

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