Hazard Identification

There are three purposes for hazard identification and reporting:

a. To report a hazard and the remedial action taken, so that others may take similar action to eliminate the hazard.

b. To report a hazard and recommend corrective action be taken by another company to eliminate the hazard.

c. To report a hazard so that some other company may determine appropriate corrective actions to eliminate the hazard.

In identifying the hazards, you should conduct:

(1) An Analysis of Mission Elements,

(2) An Analysis of the Types of Hazards, and

(3) An Analysis of Hazards by Virtue of Energy

The detection of hazards before a mishap occurs may be accomplished in a number of different ways, such as:

a. Analysis of data

b. The observation of near mishaps

c. Safety surveys

d. Review of company plans, policies, procedures and instructions.

Some areas which you may wish to look at in your company include: maintenance areas, shops, garage facilities, unserviceable furniture, smoking in vehicles, eating in vehicles, personal radios in vehicles, stress factors (personal and job related), customer locations.

Following a discussion of Risk Analysis, a Hazard Report Form is provided for your use in another article that follows.

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