Growth Plans and Commercial Insurance

Growth plans and budgeting is a standard practice amongst all small business owners. What is not common amongst all small business owners is to have a component of your planning for budgeting growth that includes your commercial insurance program.

While you might not be able to control the rent that you pay for your space or the going rate that you must pay for your employees within your community, but you can to some extent control what you pay for your general liability insurance. Besides doing the obvious shopping for your business insurance portfolio on an annual basis, analyzing the gaps in coverage can help prevent hidden costs that can destroy your bottom-line profits.

As part of your annual budgeting and planning for growth, it would be prudent to have a strategy about your overall insurance premiums and coverage that you currently have. You might have limits that are too high because in years past you had clients the required a higher limits. On the other hand, you might have limits that are too low and that has prevented you from obtaining possibly larger contracts and sales in the marketplace.

As you enter into your budgeting and planning for growth, no matter what time of the year it is, it will always be beneficial to include a strategic plan for your commercial insurance quotes and overall business insurance program.

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