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General Liability Insurance Quote

TOTAL ANNUAL PREMIUM $350* (varies by state)
Certificates of Insurance within 2 Hours

See below for coverage limits

Liability Coverage Limits of Insurance Premium
Business Liability Insurance Each Occurrence $1,000,000 $ Included
General Aggregate $2,000,000 $ Included
Products/Completed Operations $2,000,000 $ Included
Personal Advertising Injury $ 300,000 $ Included
Medical Expenses $ 10,000 $ Included
*(This price is accurate for most businesses that are the primary office exposures with less than 1,500 square feet of office space, less than $150,000 in annual receipts and less than 10 employees)


How to get the Cheapest Price


Obtaining a general liability insurance quote can be a daunting task if you don’t have a plan. Below is a simple plan on how to get the cheapest liability insurance quote possible.

  • Research carriers in your state at the Department of Insurance’s website you can find out who are the top performers in your industry in providing cheap general liability insurance quotes.

  • Research online insurance brokers who specialize in writing liability insurance for your industry. Look for brokers who have the education, the experience, and the expertise in your industry.

  • Research with your vendors and clients as to what are the minimum requirements for general liability, workers compensation, professional liability, or any other type of insurance policy.

After you have done your research it is time to put your plan into action. In order to get a cheap general liability insurance quote there are three main components.

  1. The first component is based upon your research is to find insurance companies that specialize in commercial general liability insurance for your industry.


  2. The second component is based upon your research is to find an insurance broker who is competent in your industry in providing insurance solutions.


  3. The third and final component of the obtaining a cheap general liability insurance quote is again based upon your research as to the minimum general liability insurance limits that you need for your vendors and or clients.

Being prepared and having a plan can greatly enhance your ability in getting the cheapest and most competitive quotes for general liability insurance.

Commercial Insurance Quotes