General Liability Insurance Coverage, What Is It?

General liability insurance coverage consists of some basic components that are typical throughout the industry.

The first component is premises liability. This provides bodily injury and property damage coverage on your premises where you do business. The products and completed operation averages extends the same coverages to off premises and throughout the globe. An additional coverage that is built into this policy is that of personal injury coverage. This coverage has to do with the mental anguish and injuring of the person albeit not physically but emotionally and/or mentally from your civil wrongs. It is becoming more and more common for this coverage to be excluded as a covered peril, especially if you do a substantial amount of your business on the Internet. The potential for claims for personal injury from the Internet is usually too great of an exposure for most insurance carriers.

Advertising injury is also included on this general liability policy. Advertising coverage will not pay for intentional acts, malicious acts, and copyright infringement acts. You can buy some of those coverages for an additional premium if you need that kind of protection. While many small businesses procure general liability insurance coverage very few have the knowledge as to what exactly they are purchasing. This article’s purpose was to spell out in detail some of the more common coverages in this type of contract which most small businesses in the USA have in place.