Flammable Storage

Below is a foundational safety checklist having to deal with flammables and how they are stored. Asking and answering these 17 questions can help in the prevention of claims and accidents in your organization.

1. Are combustible waste materials and residues in buildings and garage areas kept to a minimum, stored in covered metal receptacles, and disposed of daily?

2. Are fire resistant storage cabinets used for storage of flammable/combustible liquids?

3. Are all flammable storage cabinets painted yellow and labeled in conspicuous lettering, “Flammable – Keep Fire Away”?

4. Are smoking and the use of open flame or spark producing devices prohibited in flammable/combustible liquids handling or storage areas?

5. Are “No Smoking” signs posted in flammable/combustible liquids handling and storage areas?

6. Is all electrical equipment installation in accordance with the provisions of the National Electric Code (NEC) for hazardous locations, and are globes or lamps removed or replaced, or electric circuits repaired only while the system is not energized?

7. Is close supervision exercised at all times over individuals engaged in handling flammable/combustible liquids?

8. Are all tanks, hoses, containers, and all parts of a flammable/combustible liquid dispensing system permanently connected to a permanent ground or connected through an approved grounding clamp?

9. Are flashlights and electric lanterns, used in connection with the handling of flammable/combustible liquids, of the approved type for use in hazardous areas?

10. Are buildings and compartments where flammable/combustible liquids are stored, processed, or used, properly ventilated?

11. If mechanical ventilation or exhaust systems are necessary, are they installed in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommendations?

12. Is the day-to-day use of flammable/combustible liquids in buildings limited to a i-day operation level, and stored in an approved safety can?

13. Prior to closing buildings, are all flammable/combustible liquids returned to flammable storage areas?

14. In operations where the use of flammable/combustible cleaners or solvents are authorized, is the supply on hand limited to that required for immediate use?

15. Are waste flammable/combustible liquids, including used crankcase oil, drained into only approved containers/drains? Is final disposal of hazardous waste in accordance with EPA standards?

16. Are adequate quantities and types of fire extinguishers readily available for personnel?

17. Are flammable/combustible liquids such as oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, cleaning fluids, and oxygen, limited to not more than 60 gallons per storage cabinet?

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