Five Step Accident Prevention Process – Steps 1-3

Five Step Accident Prevention Process

Step 1

Information Collection:

The first step is to gather information. Information can come from:
Inspections, interviews, accident reports, safety meetings, management
guidance, employee reports, other organizations or sections, observation, site plans, and many, many more.

List three additional sources of information that may be unique to your organization?


Step 2

Analysis of Data:

In conducting an analysis of the data, you should start by pooling like data with loss:
Sort your mishaps into categories. For example: driver judgment, maintenance area,
office area, intersections, backing, returning from delivery. Once the data is matched to the type of loss, you –

Conduct A Risk Assessment: The actual conduct of the risk assessment will be covered in detail later.

Step 3

Develop Countermeasures:

The first step in the countermeasure process is to develop corrective actions to a known problem. A countermeasure is a measure (a program of one or more actions) intended to eliminate or “counter” the effect of an accident cause factor located at any point in the cause sequence. This corrects operating errors by eliminating systematic deficiencies. The targets of countermeasures should be directed against each of the dominos. The extent of a countermeasure includes cost, speed of application, overall benefit, and company policy. These factors will determine the point or combination of points at which we apply our countermeasure program.

(This is continued in the next article)

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