Five Step Accident Prevention Process – Step 3 – 5 (final)

Domino 1: Lack of Control (Management/Supervisory Error, Safety Program Defects, Safety Manager Error)

Management/Supervisory Errors: These deficiencies in management lead to mistakes in system design. Deficiencies might include lack of knowledge, lack of motivation, personality defects, such as recklessness or carelessness and similar personal deficiencies. The objective of countermeasures is to correct or eliminate management errors. If by correcting these errors, he can obtain knowledgeable support of a manager, the Safety Manager has gained a long-term accident prevention asset of unparalleled value. The task is not easy, but the benefits are so great they always justify the effort. Example: Training, education, motivation, re-design tasks.

Safety Program Defects: These are weaknesses in the information collecting, analysis, countermeasures, implementation, and/or control aspects of a safety program. Correction is the direct responsibility of the Safety Manager. The objective of countermeasures is to revise information collection, analysis, implementation, etc.

Safety Management Error: These weaknesses in motivation and knowledge within the Safety Manager lead him to develop and manage a weak safety program. Correction of these weaknesses is the responsibility of his supervisor and more especially, the Safety Manager himself. The objective of countermeasures is to train, educate, motivate, and redesign tasks.

Step 4

Implementation Process: Implementation puts into action your countermeasures. Keep the following points in mind to ensure a successful implementation:

1. Build management support for recommended countermeasures.

2. Use staff experts with considerable influence.

3. Rely on the safety manager’s prestige and influence.

4. Conduct a cost benefit analysis.

Step 5 Control: Control measures are used to check and ensure your countermeasure is effective. A control measure also:

1. Establishes a measurable standard.

2. Fixes accountability.

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