Experience Matters in General Liability Insurance

Where you buy your commercial general liability insurance and from whom you purchase your coverages will have a direct effect on your premiums and the comprehensiveness of your coverages.

What is “experience that matters”? The experts in the business arena usually advocate a minimum of 10 years in a trade before someone can be designated an expert. When you are searching out insurance brokers who provide you with premiums, rates, and business general liability insurance, it would be prudent to find someone who is an expert.

Taking this “experience matters” concept a step further, it would also be beneficial to ascertain where this experience has come from. Someone who has been working in the data processing department for 10 years at an insurance company would not qualify as an expert in insurance coverages. Even though this person might’ve worked 10 years in an insurance agency or company, working in the data processing department does not make one an expert in coverages, forms, and exclusions.

Finally experience that matters needs to come from the industry and types of business general liability insurance coverages your company needs. Someone who has worked in personal lines and only sold personal auto insurance is not the person to be designing your commercial insurance program.

Experience that matters would be 10+ years within the insurance industry working in the commercial insurance sector and having specialty knowledge and/or education about general liability insurance coverages.

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