Exhaust Control Safety for Automobile Insurance

Targeting exhaust control safety for automobile insurance policies can provide benefits in the long run for your organization. The long-term health effects of poor ventilation could increase the risk of claims and losses to your company from these hazards. We have laid out in this article some points to focus on in the controlling your exhaust safety plan.

1. Are vehicles periodically inspected to ensure that there are no leaks in the exhaust system?

2. Are garages and other enclosed areas used for vehicle maintenance ventilated to prevent asphyxiation?

3. Are vehicle engines prohibited from being run inside garages longer than needed to move the vehicle in or out of the building?

4. Are garages and maintenance facilities periodically tested under full working conditions to determine the presence of carbon monoxide?

5. Are employees prohibited from sleeping in parked or unattended vehicles when the engine or heater is running?

6. Are shop exhaust (ventilation) systems properly used to remove exhaust gases?

7. Are maintenance pit ventilation systems installed and operational?

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